I am passionate about relational ministry. This work is my calling, and I love to work with congregations, their lay leaders and ministers.

My work is devoted to seeking fluid and mutual balance between a congregation’s strategies and its relational life. That balance comes by grounding all conversations in the yearnings of the congregation’s soul, while staying open and present to the creative guidance of the Spirit of Life. By attending strictly to goals, tasks, and anticipated outcomes, the true gifts – the potential, promise and strengths -- of the congregation’s relational life and feeling ground easily get bypassed. In your haste toward results, please do not overlook the subtleties that matter deeply. Do not deny the depth and feeling life of your precious and creative faith community. It longs for your attention.

In my consulting ministry, I emphasize qualities such as trust, compassion, inquiry, and deep, soulful discernment. I create spaces for pastoral, collaborative, covenantal, and spiritual ministries to emerge and grow. When you engage my services you get the needed balance between strategies and relations through the wisdom of a faith grounded in love. I guide congregations toward greater organizational capacity, healthier communal relations, and spiritual depth.

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- Rev. Roy Reynolds

My Newest Paper:
"What are Companioning Circles? "
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Recently Published:
"Hearth, Hope and Hands"
the relational practices I lead and am further developing
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